Burn Pit

Burn Pit is a current affairs documentary that tells a story of military and civilian veterans from Estonia and Ukraine and explores post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) faced by millions.

This is a story about life during and after the war and PTSD which is a mental health condition that’s triggered by terrifying events. Burn Pit is a metaphoric symbol which stays for a special spot in the ground where everything related to human beings and operation during the mission is burned. Similarly, there is a black spot in the hearts and souls of soldiers and civilians who faced and survived the war. Burn pit is an area in which waste is disposed of by burning. In our case the burn pit is the soul of a soldier, it can be saved by human respect and help. 

We tell the personal stories of Estonian, Ukrainian, Norwegian war veterans filmed in Estonia, Ukraine, Finland who work on the big idea to find the best possible solution on how to reduce symptoms and improve function. Estonia has around 3,5 thousands of military veterans. The war in Ukraine continues and soon there will be around 1 million of war veterans and potentially around 40 millions of civilians who will face PTSD.