Edith Karlson, 28'

Edith Karlson, an artist of the new era

A portrait of a top Estonian sculptor. Edith lives in Hiiumaa during the summer, that’s where we start getting to know her. He works very hard and because of that he achieves a lot. In the film, we see two different worlds, the closed and even lonely life of the artist, the process of creating art and then introducing it to the public in the art capital of the world (at Art Basel in Switzerland), large exhibitions, the openings of the festivals where the sculptor’s works end up. Edith is the mother of a little boy, the life partner of the legendary Raul Saaremets in the indie music scene. Edith is already quite well-known to the Estonian audience, and now is the moment when she takes her first independent steps on the international scene, in strategically the best places. What is the responsibility of the artist? Can art change life?