Ukrainian Women

What is war and how does it break into the lives of ordinary people? In March, we watched thousands of women and children flee from bombs and sirens, as thousands of mothers saved their children. Ukrainian women (working title) is a story about four women who were forced to leave Ukraine. We filmed on the border of Ukraine and Poland, women from the eastern regions of Ukraine are fleeing the war to Europe.

Oksana is a police officer, she is from Lysychansk, she has a 7-month-old baby in her arms. Under shelling, the child could not sleep. Oksana took her son away, but her husband and parents remained in Ukraine. Lena is a literature and Ukrainian language teacher, she also runs away with her teenage children. Lena and Oksana find shelter in Estonia. The film shows their life in Estonia and reality which they meet after coming back to Ukrainian cities Dnepr and Kiev. Oksana from Chernihiv, after spending almost 5 weeks under shelling and bombing, decides to take her daughter away from the dark basement where they have been sitting all this time. At the train station in Warsaw, Oksana thinks about where to go. After 6 months we met her in Warsaw. Then we follow her to the Chernihiv bus station the moment she comes back home. Valentina, also from Chernihiv, decided to stay in Estonia and to continue working at a farm. On September 1, 2022, she escorted her child Masha for the second time in her life to first grade. We follow the lives of women in Europe, and then we return home to Ukraine with them. The war is not over yet, but living away from husbands and homeland is unbearable. Who left and who donated? War through the eyes of women.